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About Patrice

Patrice is the founder of the digital marketing firm Successful on Social. Her personal portfolio as well as her agency’s resume has been responsible for generating over $2M in revenue; however, success came with a steep cost.



Being a Social Sales Strategist simply means that I help you take your ideal clients from strangers to loyal customers. By helping you refine your offer for maximum conversion, structure your social media strategy for lead attraction and conversion, and form your automation systems to help you nurture and close leads even when you aren't in the office. I'm the missing member to your dream team to help you go from stressed to sold out! 

what my clients are saying...

I used to struggle with creating content and thought hiring someone to do it would take the weight off of me but they needed my direction (direction I didn’t know how to give). After working with Patrice, I had a game plan for videos, emails, posts and I knew exactly how to lead my team to get it done for me.

-Daeshon T.

what my clients are saying...

I have to take the time out to THANK Patrice Garrison for helping me to take action on some goals I had this year for my business 🎉 In the short time since hiring her she has helped me:

Write my E-book 🙌🏾 (How to build your own Freedom-Based Virtual Assistant business in 10 Actionable steps) *launching soon*

Write my e-mail copy for my sales funnel

Craft a message for my social media content

Create my freebie/lead magnet

If you are in need of creative content writing or sales copy for your brand…message her! Her services are well worth the investment!

-Jacinta P. 

what my clients are saying...

Your coaching has specifically helped me get more organized with tasks and really expand my network in intentional ways. I feel like I’m relearning social media marketing all over again. You helped me uncover some mindset things I needed to shift in order to progress. You’ve encouraged me to celebrate even the small wins. There’s always a win!

-Tashia A.

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