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WE SPECIALIZE IN BRINGING VISIBILITY & PERSONALITY TO YOUR BRANd so you can focus on serving your ideal clients!

Successful on Social is a digital marketing firm based out of Houston, TX that specializes in Social Media Visibility, Conversion Copywriting, Sales Strategy, and eLearning Development (digital products, e-books, and e-courses). We believe in not only helping you find your tribe online, but providing your ideal clients with the educational and engaging content you need to convert your followers into cash flow.


Increase social visibility

We provide cutting edge strategy by helping you create the right content that maximizes visibility on your social media platforms of choice such as using Reels, Linked In articles, Facebook Live, etc.


Engaged Followers are repeat customers/clients! Our firm knows how to turn followers into fans by creating online communities that are intimately engaged with your brand.  



Already have amazing content that is collecting dust? Our team of content experts can help you repurpose a single piece of content into up to 10 additional pieces of content, saving you time and expanding your social reach. 

increase content conversion

Tired of spending time posting content that doesn’t convert? We create customized content plans designed to motivate and move your followers to the next step in the buying cycle  


Wonder how our clients have cleared $20-$60k months working with us? We create customized marketing campaigns that elicit consumer attention and speak directly to the needs of your audience. 

Creative Copywriting

We are more than a team of creative copywriters; we are social ghostwriters. We are able to convey your brand message in a way that sounds like your brand but that also sells your offer in a story-based way. 


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Increase Conversion Rates

Believe it or not, social media is usually not where most clients pull out their credit card. Social media is simply just the first step in the buyer’s journey, and we know exactly how to help you maximize your content in the appropiate content channels to help you increase your bottom line conversion rates. 


Don’t be left behind as content moves towards short form video! Let our team strategize (or implement) Reels, TikToks, and other short form video content to help increase your visibility and keep your brand relevant online.


Creating Online Communities is one of our areas of expertise. Don’t just have followers – turn your followers into fans who cannot wait to invest into your brand!

Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

Testimonials & Featured Clients

I used to struggle with creating content and thought hiring someone to do it would take the weight off of me but they needed my direction (direction I didn’t know how to give). After working with Patrice, I had a game plan for videos, emails, posts and I knew exactly how to lead my team to get it done for me.

Daeshon T., CEO @ Fancy Alchemy

I have to take the time out to THANK Patrice Garrison for helping me to take action on some goals I had this year for my business 🎉 In the short time since hiring her she has helped me: Write my E-book 🙌🏾 (How to build your own Freedom-Based Virtual Assistant business in 10 Actionable steps), Write my e-mail copy for my sales funnel, Craft a message for my social media content, and Create my freebie/lead magnet. If you are in need of creative content writing or sales copy for your brand…message her! Her services are well worth the investment!

Jacinta Parris, CEO @ Illuminate Virtually

Your coaching has specifically helped me get more organized with tasks and really expand my network in intentional ways. I feel like I’m relearning social media marketing all over again. You helped me uncover some mindset things I needed to shift in order to progress. You’ve encouraged me to celebrate even the small wins. There’s always a win!

Tashia A

It’s time to stand out on social! 

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