…When I first added up my total student loan payments. Over $125,000 in student loans tied to my name and I had nothing to show for it. I was living in a studio apartment in downtown Baltimore sick of having my car broken into and being too broke to live the way I wanted. I decided to do something different..and for awhile I thought it worked…

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Patrice is the founder of the digital marketing firm Successful on Social. Her personal portfolio as well as her agency’s resume has been responsible for generating over $2M in revenue; however, success came with a steep cost.

Adding marriage, motherhood, and a messy self-image to business resulted in her life collapsing as she knew it. Burnout & Self-Sabotage led to her losing herself (and life as she knew it) in the middle of attempting to build her empire as a CEO. 

So now, instead of aiming to be a CEO, Patrice shifted into the Founder role. She no longer wanted CEO to be part of her identity – she wanted a life that allowed her to re-discover herself after divorce & during motherhood while not compromising the vision that God has laid on her heart around her purpose. There is no limit to the expansion of our purpose if we allow ourselves to address our areas of sabotage, get unapologetic about what we really want (and perhaps do not want), as well as create the asset accommodations needed to thrive in our lives. 

Lastly, for our CEOs, it’s time to flow into Founder mode. No matter what your business model is, Patrice believes that you can implement an ‘agency’ model that allows you to take the front seat as visionary and a back seat to busy-work. Let’s turn your purpose into passive income. 

Guess what?!

I am now accepting new members for Founder of Me, a life success program designed for women who want the safe space to explore what they truly desire, what they are truly called to next, and what’s needed to accommodate their larger life vision. 


I want to be known for my ability to help women articulate and communicate desires that they have yet to be able to express. I want to be known for my ability to create a safe space to explore who they really are, what they are truly called to, and co-creating a path for them to thrive. And I want to be known for the ability to provide them with ease during that journey. I want to be known by the way I offer emotional and physical support to help them bring their new vision to life.